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Post Image size: 810px

Sidebar Image size: 400px

Fonts: Abril Fatface and PT Sans


001. Installing the theme

There are two ways to install a blogger theme: uploading the .XML file and copying and pasting the theme code. Using the first method, you may think that the theme looks a bit messy because it will keep the gadgets from your old theme, usually located in the very first section with space available.

The second method will totally remove your old gadgets because you will replace the whole code, that's means that will be an exact copy of the demo blog. Both installation methods are correct and valid. To choose the best for you, you need to think if you want to keep some gadgets from your current theme or if it is totally fine to get rid of all of them.

I personally recommend that you have a test blog where you can set up your new theme completely, leaving it ready to launch, then use the second method to install on your main blog.

Now is time to learn how to install the theme. Please, choose one option below to be lead to the tutorial:

Uploading the .xml file

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