Customize - Typography

The fonts available in the typography section are from Google Fonts.

Go to Appearance > Customize > Typography and select one of the typography sections available to start customizing the fonts of your theme.

  1. Select the font family
  2. Select style (normal or italic) and weights (light, bold, and so on) for each text type: for regular text, for the italic text, and for the bold text. This is especially good when the font you choose has a complete typography family, with lots of weights and styles, because you will be able to choose how "much bold" the bold text will be, for example. 
  3. Choose the font size
  4. Choose if the text will be normal or italic
  5. Choose if the text will be normal or bold
  6. Choose if the text will be all lower case, all capital letters, only the first capital letter per word, or if it will not have any transformation.
  7. Choose the spacing between letters
  8. Choose the height of the text lines

When you are happy, you can move to the next typography section.

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