Updating the Instagram widget

Since the last update in the Instagram API, the use of widgets has been very difficult, requests for information from profiles such as image and video are constantly blocked by Instagram. So, we decided not to use the widget in our themes anymore. Below, we present an alternative. Continue reading to learn how to show your Instagram feed:
Note: the instructions below allow you to use the Free version of Snapwidget, you're not required to get the premium one.

Creating your widget

  1. Go to snapwidget.com and create an account
  2. Select an option to use (see image below)
  3. Set the information to build your widget (see image below)
  4. Generate your code and paste it on the HTML/Javascript widget* used for the Instagram

*If your theme is Alpaca, Duna, Citrine, Matter, Millennial, Juno, Florae, Enjoy, Ethereal, Sixteen, Botanica, LittleGal, Himmel or Chloe is mandatory that you use a new HTML/Javascript widget instead of the current Instagram widget in order to the photos being properly displayed. 

Example of feed options you may use to create your widget

Note that all the free options have a little blue flag on the left top, indicating the options you can use on the free version of Snapwidget. Only two are highlighted on the image because they are the best to replace your current footer Instagram widget.

Feed settings

This is a good setting you can do to use on your page's footer, but this is only a recommendation and you can set as you wish. The only strong recommendation is to always remember to set Responsive to Yes (second red arrow).

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