Instagram widget not displaying the photos

If your Instagram widget is the updated version and you are not seeing the photos, maybe you have reached the limit of requisitions.

What is it?

The Instagram widget has a limit of requisitions per day. When we install a new theme we tend to refresh the page several times, or when we visit many blog pages in a short period of time for other reasons, we can reach this limit. Each refresh or visit in different pages counts as a requisition. If you reach this limit the Instagram will block your network and the widget will disappear for you, which means, you won't see the photos on your page.

This happens only with you: your visitors and readers will keep seeing the Instagram photos.
If you want to check if the photos still are being displayed to the visitors, ask for a friend to visit your page. You will not see the photos on any device that are under the same network.

How to fix it

This issue is temporary and will fix itself after a few hours (usually doesn't take longer than 24h).

But if I don't want to wait?

If you are facing this situation and think is too annoying, you can try using the Snapwidget instead.

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