Youtube widget not showing the videos

Some of you may notice the Youtube widget stopped showing the videos. This widget needs an API key to run, and the old API key needed to be replaced with a new one. In this tutorial I will show you how to replace the API key, then your videos will show up on your template again.

I did separate this tutorial into two - depending on the date you purchased your template - because I have been updating the templates since August 2020. Follow along to learn how to fix your Youtube widget.

If your template is before August 2020

  1. Go to Layout
  2. Locate the Youtube gadget and click on the pencil icon to open it
  3. On the code, locate the line where says api-key
  4. Select the code between the quote marks
  5. Replace it with this one: AIzaSyBZqxFMkq0Wu5OvWqa7lFwtDyqG2SArRMg
  6. Save the changes

Step-by-step video:

If your template is after August 2020

  1. Go to Theme
  2. Click on the arrow next to the Customize button
  3. Click on Edit HTML
  4. Click anywhere inside the code to enable the search
  5. Use ctrl+F or cmd+F to open the search box
  6. Search for api-key
  7. Select the code between the quote marks
  8. Replace it with this one: AIzaSyBZqxFMkq0Wu5OvWqa7lFwtDyqG2SArRMg
  9. Save the changes

Step-by-step video:


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