Installing a theme by copy and paste

Installing your new theme using this method will remove all your current gadgets, leaving your blog looking like the demo blog.

Before starting the process it's good to take some security measures:
  • download a backup of your theme
  • use a test blog to install the new theme

Downloading a backup of your current theme

The installation process is easy, but some errors may occur. To avoid mess up your blog, it's highly recommended that you always have a copy of your current theme before making any changes.
To get your backup:
  1. Locate the Customize button and click on the arrow next to it
  2. When the modal window is open, click on Backup

Doing the installation process on a test blog

Having a test blog is also highly recommended. You can try all the plans and ideas you may have for your blog without messing it. Using a test blog you can set up all your personal information, do all customizations you may want, and once you have done completely, you can just copy the code of your new theme and past it on your main blog. By doing this way, your blog will not be closed to the public for long.

How to open the XML file to copy the code

The key is to open the file using the correct software. Do not use Microsoft Word for this because it can add some unwanted styles that can mess up with your theme. Always use a "plain text" software like Notepad (if you are a Windows user). My favorite tool to deal with codes is VSCode, a free code editor that you can download for Windows, macOS, or Linux. 

Once you have chosen your text editor follow this:
  1. open the xml file with the text editor you did choose
  2. use ctrl + A or cmd + A to select the whole code
  3. use ctrl + C or cmd + C to copy the selected code
  4. go to Theme > locate the Customize button and click on the arrow next to it > click on Edit HTML
  5. click once anywhere inside the code to enable operations only on the html box
  6. use ctrl + A or cmd + A to select the whole code of your current theme (that will be replaced)
  7. use ctrl + V or cmd + V to paste the code of your new theme you did copy before
  8. save the changes

Now it is time to go to the Layout page - on the main side menu on the left - to set up your gadgets.

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