The theme could not be parsed

Have you tried to install the theme and got an error that says something similar to "we are unable to save theme. Your theme could not be parsed as it is not well-formed..."?
This error can occur if your theme already has a gadget with the same ID. In the screenshot above, a contact form gadget with an identification number of 100 was in conflict with another contact form that also had an ID of 100. Since this ID must be unique, your theme could not be saved.

This error can also occur with the Featured Post gadget since Blogger does not allow two Featured Post gadgets, whatever the ID.

How to fix the problem

  1. Go to Layout on the Blogger dashboard vertical menu.
  2. Look through the sections and check if you can see two distinct contact forms gadgets (if the problem was with the contact form). 
  3. Remove them.
  4. If the problem was caused by a Featured Post gadget, it will have only one and you can remove it.
  5. Save the changes.
  6. Try to install the theme again.


If the error has not been solved, contact us via the contact page.

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