Social Icons

As Blogger always keep demo content on gadgets when a new theme is installed, you don't need to replace the code inside the Search gadget.
In case you lost it, you can copy the code below.

<div class='social-icons'>
  <a href='FACEBOOKLINK' class='facebook-icon color-1' target='_blank'/></a>
  <a href='INSTAGRAMLINK' class='instagram-icon color-2' target='_blank'/></a>
  <a href='TWITTERLINK' class='twitter-icon color-3' target='_blank'/></a>
  <a href='PINTERESTLINK' class='pinterest-icon color-4' target='_blank'/></a>
  <a href='TUMBLRLINK' class='tumblr-icon color-1' target='_blank'/></a>
  <a href='YOUTUBELINK' class='youtube-icon color-2' target='_blank'/></a>
  <a href='mailto:EMAILADRESS' class='email-icon color-3' target='_blank'/></a>
  <a href='RSSFEEDLINK' class='feed-icon color-4' target='_blank'/>
  <a href='BLOGLOVINLINK' class='bloglovin-icon color-1' target='_blank'/></a>

Replace the blue text with the link of your profile account. Be careful to not delete any quotation marks.
Make sure of use https:// when pasting the URL to avoid broken links. It means, instead of use

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