Information about the themes

There are a few things that it's good that you know:
  1. The themes are compatible with Blogger Template Designer: you can change fonts and colors with no need to edit CSS.
  2. Some of the gadgets are blocked because they are customized. It means that they cannot be deleted or moved to another spot on the theme. If you want to unlock a gadget, please check the How to Unlock Gadgets tutorial.
  3. Some themes were built using the 3.0 layout version. It means that some gadgets are kinda customized and some of its set up options aren't available by Layout page, like post date and quick editing on Blog Posts gadget and Style option on Blog Archive.
  4. The themes require at least one image per post.
  5. At least the first image on the post should be added by upload - avoiding the other methods - to follow the thumbnail settings. 
  6. The related posts and slider gadgets require labels to work. If you don't add labels, they will not be visible. Make sure your posts have at least one label.
  7. I do not offer support for Internet Explorer. It's an obsolete browser that precludes the use of new development techniques and, because it's old, doesn't offer much security against third-party attacks.
  8. If you find any bug on the themes, please report so I can fix and update the .xml file. 

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