How to redirect messages from the contact form to another email

By default, the Blogger native Contact Form sends the messages to your Google account email, which is the same that appears as admin on your Blogger settings. If your blog has more than one admin the messages will be sent to them all. We will use this information to redirect your messages to another email.

Let's assume that you are not in the habit of opening the email inbox that was registered as an administrator on your blog and would like the messages to be sent to another email, which you usually check. What we are going to do is add this second email as an administrator as well. To do this, follow these steps:
  1. Go to Settings on the Blogger dashboard vertical menu.
  2. On the vertical menu, locate and click on Basic.
  3. Locate the Permissions section.
  4. On Blog Authors, click on the +Add author link.
  5. On the box, write the email address.
  6. Click on Invite authors button.
Check your inbox and locate the invitation email, open it and accept the invitation to be an author. After, do this:
  1. Go back to Blog Authors.
  2. Locate the author button next to the email.
  3. Change it from author to admin.
It's done, your second email account will now receive the emails sent via the contact form.

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