Free Installation Service

To take advantage of the free installation service you will need to give me access to your blog. We'll use the admin method, this means that you will not need to reveal your password.

NOTE: the free installation service only includes the installation of the template and the basic configuration of gadgets. Design customization, addition or modification of gadgets are not included. For these extra, you'll need to buy the service on Etsy.

Access to the blog

The admin method consists of inviting me to your blog as an author and later, as admin. To send me an invitation, follow this:
  1. Go to Settings on the Blogger dashboard vertical menu.
  2. Locate the Permissions section.
  3. Click on the Invite more authors link
  4. On the box, write the email
  5. Click Send.

I will need to accept your invitation (I will let you know when I have done) before you can change me to admin. I need this admin permission to have access to the Theme area. An author's permission only allows access to the posts.
To change me to admin:
  1. Go to Blog admins and authors 
  2. Locate the author button next to my email
  3. Change it from author to admin

What I will need to set up your blog like the demo

Below is a list of all the information I will need from you.
Note: Not all themes have all items listed below. Please check the demo blog of the theme you purchased to see if your theme has a specific item.
  1. Pages and links for the menu.
  2. Social Media Links.
  3. What to display on the slider. It will be the most recent posts or selected ones? If it will be the second option, please provide the category name or post titles or links of them. (please, check if your theme has this feature)
  4. Images, captions, and links for Featured Images. (please, check if your theme has this feature)
  5. Profile picture. Notice that some Lovelogic themes have two pictures on this gadget. If it's the case of yours, please provide two pictures.
  6. Profile text. 3 or 4 lines will be good enough.
  7. Youtube channel ID. Read this article if you don't know where is your channel ID. (please, check if your theme has this feature)
  8. Chosen category to be featured. (please, check if your theme has this feature)
  9. Mailchimp Form Code. (please, check if your theme has this feature)
  10. Contact Form. Do you want the native Contact Form on a page, like it's on the demo blog?

Please send the information by email to

Contact Form