The slider isn't working

This article is referring to sliders, featured posts (not the native Blogger gadget) and related posts.

These gadgets are created from the blog feed using JSON. As they aren't native Blogger gadgets, they have some limitations and particular needs.
There are a few things we can try to fix your gadget if it is not showing your posts:

1. Private Blog

A public blog is required. If your blog is in private mode, though these widgets still are on your blog, they will not be displayed until your blog is public again.

2. Full Feed Allowed

As they need a public blog, you have to allow the feed from your posts completely.

3. Posts Labels

If you have a slider, all your posts should have labels. In case that you have a post without label among other labeled, the posts following the unlabelled post will not be displayed.

4. The theme has a specific label set up on the slider code

Two setting codes are available for the slide:
  • one to display the most recent posts
  • one to display only the posts of a certain label

Depending on the theme you have bought, the slider code that goes on installation can be any of these two. In case of your theme has a code using a specific label — like featured  and you don't have any posts with this label, your slider will have none content to display.
Please, take a look at the documentation of your theme to understand how to use these codes and how to choose the best one for your blog.

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