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Instagram Feed

To display your latest Instagram posts: Go to and create an account Select an option to use (see image below)Set the information to build your widget (see image below)Generate your widget and reserve the code Go to Layout on the Blogger dashboard vertical menu, locat…

How to set the post images side to side

Some Lovelogic themes allow you to built a nice way to display photos: you can display 2 or 3 photos side to side. Keep reading to learn how to formatting your post to use this feature:

Using 2 imagesUpload the two images on your post.Set them as Original Size.Switch to HTML view tab.Click o…

Menu and Categories Toggle

Some Lovelogic themes have these "sliding boxes" on Menu and Categories gadgets that we call toggle. Keep reading to learn how to set up them on your theme:

How to set the MenuGo to Layout on the Blogger vertical menuOpen the Menu/PageList gadgetLocate Pages to show and check the ones you …

how to change the bolt icon

The Enjoy theme uses the Font Awesome font to display all the icons. There are many versions of this font, but the version used in this theme is 4.7.0. You can visit the 4.7.0 page here.
How to add an icon to the theme There are 2 ways to add an icon from the Font Awesome: by the Unicode n…

Updating the Instagram widget

Since the last update in the Instagram API, the use of widgets has been very difficult, requests for information from profiles such as image and video are constantly blocked by Instagram. So, we decided not to use the widget in our themes anymore. Below, we present an alternative. Continue reading …

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Instagram API will be shut down in June, 2020. It means that the old Instagram widget will stop working after this. All themes on the shop were updated in February 25, 2020 with the new widget. If you did buy a theme before the shop's name change, you will need update your widget. To know how to do it, click on the button below: