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Snapwidget for mobile

It was not possible to use css to adjust a single snapwidget to look better on the mobile view, so I had to came up with this solution: you will have to generate two snapwidgets.You can check the result here on this test blog.

Desktop viewFirst, you will generate one widget for the desktop view. The…

Creating language tabs on the post

To use the language tabs - like on the blog Simply Berenica - you will have to deal with some html codes. But it's just a little and it's not that hard :)
Let's add the codes to your template. First, make a backup of your current theme or work on a test blog to avoid any mess.

Adding t…

Youtube widget not showing the videos

Some of you may notice the Youtube widget stopped showing the videos. This widget needs an API key to run, and the old API key needed to be replaced with a new one. In this tutorial I will show you how to replace the API key, then your videos will show up on your template again.

I did separ…

consertar thumbnails do template Ethereal

basicamente vc tem que consertar no codigo as partes de: 1. thumb do youtube2. thumbs que tenham w e d na url (nao apenas s) Pode entrar no blogger tanto pela minha conta quando pela conta Lovelogico blog é o lovelogic one
Para entrar no html você vai em theme > clica nas bolinhas do topo ao lado…

Customizer - Changing colors and fonts

You can customize fonts and colors of your theme using theCustomizerpage. To customize your theme:Go to Layout on the Blogger dashboard vertical menu on the left.Click on the Customize buttonOpen the Advanced sectionUse the General dropdown to navigate through different parts of the themeCustomize …

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Instagram API will be shut down in June, 2020. It means that the old Instagram widget will stop working after this. All themes on the shop were updated in February 25, 2020 with the new widget. If you did buy a theme before the shop's name change, you will need update your widget. To know how to do it, click on the button below: